Hey there!

It's been a long time since we've posted a blog post here at Alex Paige Photography. The last one was probably back when "we" was "I"... That is, when it was just myself (Alex) putting in most of the work at Alex Paige Photography. That's not the case anymore! Nowadays Alex Paige Photography is a team. I am really excited and really lucky to be working with John Sanford. He's has such a creative heart and eye and he's super hot. I can say that and not get in any workplace trouble because he's my husband.

In all seriousness though, he's incredibly talented as a photographer and it's been an amazing past couple of years working with him. John brings a lightness to things. He always makes people feel at ease on shoots. We are fond of saying, when we meet new people for the first time at a location that "it'll probably be awkward for the first 10 mins and then things will get better!" John tries to cut that time in half. At a wedding you'll find him taking the long shots, preferring a wide angle lens, telling a story through a larger scene. He's often hiding behind things and looking for the sun to hit in just the right spot. On an engagement session or family session he steps into his other role... "carrier of things." Many of our clients bring their pets to their shoot or have extra changes of clothes. He's an excellent dog walker, bag holder, sunglasses carrier, extra clothes carter and even baby bouncer. He's also the one that returns calls and answers emails. He likes doing those things and I am so happy he does! He's always got a million ideas running through his head as well. On top of the photography end of things John's passions also include video. He's a budding videographer and has put together several boutique wedding videos for clients as well as participating in the 24 hour film festival and putting together shorts for churches. Like I said... creative heart. 

That's enough gushing about John. I know him and it'll go to his head. Back to what's new here at Alex Paige photography. We're keeping the name... we both like it. We tried out a couple other names that incorporated both of us but none stuck. We've been working on building a new website. A clean interface that showcases the photos and the love we have for the memories that we are entrusted with preserving through the lens. It's still a work in progress. Our wedding season has wound down and we've just had a great couple weeks of family photos and senior photos and we are hoping to squeeze in a few more before all the beautiful leaves are gone. If you are interested in our family sessions, want to get that family photo done for your Christmas cards we can help you out! Check out our family gallery here

I really just wanted to say "hey there." I know we've been pretty silent the last few years. There's been a lot of change in our family since this business was started. But it seems really important to me right now to take the time and interact more. I'm pretty quiet and I'm not super present on social media all the time, but there's a reason I do what I do. And there's a reason that John does it to. We really love spending time with people. We love to be a part of your story and we love that you are a part of ours. When I edit your photos I smile. I'm not making that up, sometimes my cheeks hurt after I've been editing for a while. I can't help it. You are smiling or enjoying a special moment with a loved one and it's right there in front of me and I just can't help but enjoy that. We love the areas that we get to see, some local to St. Mary's County and some out of town. We've been in fields and beaches and on people's family farms. We also love getting to the city as well, Marlyand and Virginia have some great old cities like Alexandria, Annapolis and Georgetown. Thank you for taking the time to read this bit of rambling. I promise the next one will have more pictures... because we are in the business of that!